Mantello Soft Bristle Pipe Cleaners, 4 Bundles 176 Count-Pipe

Mantello Soft Bristle Pipe Cleaners, 4 Bundles 176 Count


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  • Approximate Dimensions: 6 Inches Long, 5/16 Inches (4 mm) in diameter uncompressed, 1/16 Inches (2 mm) compressed
  • High-Quality. Extra Absorbent, 100% Cotton Filler, 44 Cleaners per Bundle x 4 Bundles = 176 Total
  • Restore your Pipes. Removes resin, tar, moisture and residue from smoking pipes and accessories
  • Multi-Purpose. Use for cleaning glass pipes, vapes, guns, cleaning projects, gas burners and more
  • Clean & repair old antique tube radios. TV's, ham radios, receivers especially from 1918-1965


These Mantello Pipe Cleaners are great for cleaning smoking pipes, arts & crafts as well as plenty of other applications.

The SOFT bristles are extra absorbent and gentle to use on any glass pipe.

You will receive 4 Bundles of 44 Pipe Cleaners giving you 176 Total. Each pipe cleaner measures approximately 6 inches long, making cleaning even easier.

A pipe cleaner is a type of brush originally intended for removing moisture and residue from smoking pipes. Besides cleaning pipes, they can be used for any application that calls for cleaning out small bores or tight places. They are popular for winding around bottlenecks to catch drips, bundling things together, and applying paints, oils, solvents, greases, and similar substances. They can also be used as a twist tie as a convenient way to tie something.

Pipe cleaners are made of two lengths of wire, called the core, twisted together trapping short lengths of fiber between them, called the pile. Pipe cleaners are usually made two at a time, as the inner wires of each pipe cleaner have the yarn wrapped around them, making a coil, the outer wires trap the wraps of yarn, which are then cut, making the tufts. Mantello is a brand you can trust for all your cleaning needs.