Mantello 6 Pack Black 5x7 Inch Front Loading Picture Frames


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  • Includes 6 black 5x7-inch front loading picture frames
  • Can be hung on your walls or displayed on a tabletop surface horizontally or vertically
  • Glass front with a polished edge is safe and extremely durable
  • Great gift to present to a loved one for any occasion
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty



Photographs have a way of taking us back to a special moment or reminding us of the love and tenderness we feel for special people. Thus, they deserve a prominent place in your home. Keep cherished people and memories visible by showcasing them in key areas of your home. Picture frames enable you do this. However, you’ll need versatile picture frames that will go well with any type of home decor. The Mantello 5x7-Inch Picture Frame Set offers a tasteful way to display your memorable photos. Each measuring 5x7 inches, our photo frames let you showcase a gallery of your most cherished photos. Use them to display photographs of your family and friends. Their front-loading glass offer a quick and easy way to replace the featured images. Our frames have a black matte finish that makes them look classy. Their plastic edge is super sturdy. This is reinforced by a glass front with a polished edge to ensure safe handling. You can hang our frames on a wall or arrange them on a tabletop. Simply add their snap-in easel to transform them from a wall accent into a tabletop decor. This set includes 6 frames that support both vertical and horizontal display.